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Employment Law

Disputes between employers and (former) employees are increasingly involving reputational issues.

A high level executive whose employment has been terminated may resort to making statements to the media about their employers - overstepping the mark.

A former employee may breach their non-compete contract clause by brazenly poaching your clients.

Matters that were previously considered private between parties are now being played out in public via social media, often in real time.

We help clients – both employers and employees - approach employment law and contractual issues with a distinct focus on retaining control of reputational fall-out.

We offer a seamless perspective of the interplay between reputation management and employment law advice, which includes experience of obtaining injunctions to prevent breaches of restrictive covenants and non-compete clauses in contracts and agreements, when either rival companies seek to poach talent or individuals decide to leave to compete in breach of their obligations.

We have issued court proceedings to prevent third parties inducing breaches of employment contracts.

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