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Manleys are THE pre-eminent firm of their kind. Immediate response 24/7, total fluency in the issues and excellent, senior advice at a most reasonable cost. Mark Manley, he knows his field probably better than any other practitioner.
Alex Sandberg, General Legal Counsel, ASOS
Manleys impressed us from the off. Their advice was quick, decisive and, more importantly, it worked. They achieved the result we needed under considerable time pressure.
Andrew Magowan, General Counsel & Company Secretary, ASOS

For organisations who understand the importance – and value – of a strong, positive reputation, it has become critical to take a proactive approach to managing reputational risk and brand protection.

We act for an wide range of businesses:

Global corporates with 87,000 employees worldwide in 34 countries and 1,425 locations - XPO Logistics Ltd, NYSE:XPO -  http://www.xpologistics.com/about-us/our-company

Internationally known and respected £billion brands: ASOS - http://www.asos.com

The largest privately-owned media group in Europe servicing 25million customers in the UK: BAUER Media -  http://www.bauermedia.co.uk/about/our-company

The most successful B2B company in the UK: INSIDER MEDIA - https://www.insidermedia.com/about-us

Incredibly successful family-operated UK businesses: SOFOLOGY - https://www.sofology.co.uk

But it’s not all about big corporates. We are proud to protect the reputations and interests of Small and local businesses and one-man band organisations: https://paulsellers.com

Organisations operate under continued scrutiny of the press, while online publishing presents new reputational risks. With new platforms emerging, the law develops around ownership and responsibility for published material.

Our track record in representing corporates in actions to safeguard image is exceptional. We prevent damaging material from being run by the press and fight for accuracy of material that is published.

If your organisation has been the subject of damaging/harmful/defamatory or disparaging comments, either online or in print, you may need to take action to preserve or restore reputation and goodwill among stakeholders. Clients trust us to regain control of reputational harm. 

We’re experienced in securing damages, corrections and apologies on behalf of corporates acting against media outlets.

We’re also highly experienced in online reputation management and are frequently instructed to secure the removal of online content from social media and Google.

Manleys offers a range of services to support organisations to protect and defend privacy, reputation, rights, brands, products and confidentiality. These include:

Pro-active reputation management:

  • Preventing publication/broadcast of damaging media comment before it goes out
  • Swift removal of harmful online content
  • Closure of web pages and/or websites
  • Attacking negative social media content
  • Preventing door-stepping / harassment by the media

Defending your reputation:

  • Crisis management for corporates
  • Handling media enquiries
  • Working with PR agencies
  • Protection of rights of privacy and the right to a private life
  • Image rights protection
  • Brand and product protection
  • Freedom of Information and Data Protection legislation – making and responding to data and information requests under the Data Protection and Freedom of Information legislation, with reputation and compliance in mind.
  • Protecting your “right to be forgotten” online

Recent Corporate Reputation Experience:

  • Large consumer brand: Successfully preventing publication of damaging material within a national newspaper.
  • Election expenses scandal: Advising 56 MPs, candidates and agents involved in the election expenses allegations broadcast by Channel 4 and published by the Daily Mirror.
  • Bauer Media: Pre-broadcast advice to manage risk of legal and reputational issues.
  • Newsco Insider: Pre-publication advice.
  • Barron Publications: Content clearance advice on “risky” material.

Your Questions Answered:

Can organisations sue for defamation?

Yes, companies can make a claim for defamation, provided they can establish that a statement has caused or is likely to cause serious financial harm. Companies might not shed tears, or suffer hurt to feelings, but they do suffer harm to share price, shareholder confidence and on the bottom line: profitability. Moreover, in a 2015 case, a solicitor's practice had little difficulty in persuading a hugely experienced libel judge that it had suffered serious harm due to a drop in enquiries via the internet after publication of harmful and offensive comments on a website about it. See Brett Wilson LLP [2015] EWHC 2628 (QB).

Can I stop something defamatory being published?

We regularly engage with media publishers and broadcasters on behalf of clients, depending on the specific details of each case, either to ensure accuracy of what is run or to prevent publication altogether.  

We know the key editorial and legal contacts within media outlets and are known for taking a robust approach to asserting and protecting our clients’ rights. They also know us!  An in-house solicitor with one of the leading red-top newspapers stated “Manleys caused more grief for us in 2016 than any other law firm!”

As a last resort, it may be possible to seek an injunction to prevent publication, if there is potential for libel.

We have successfully taken this route countless times for clients and can advise if it is an option available to you.

If someone accuses me of defamation, what defences might I have?

If you are accused of defaming someone’s character the most obvious defence would be that your statement was true. Or maybe you just didn’t say or write it? The statement might not be defamatory even if it wasn’t pleasant – you are entitled to express your opinion. It can also be a defence to say that the statement was your honest comment and in the public interest or simply that the words used would not be likely to lower someone’s reputation in the minds of right thinking people. Even if you did say or write something defamatory, did the “victim” really suffer serious harm?

What are the remedies for victims of defamation?

Victims of defamation usually seek an apology and/or compensation, and occasionally an injunction and/or a declaration from the court that comments made about the claimant are false.  

The level of damages will depend on the facts in your case – the severity of the allegation, any loss that you can prove has resulted from the defamation.

Victims may also be granted an injunction to prevent further publication of the defamatory material or as part of a settlement seek agreement not to publish or speak the same or similar comments in future.

We have acted for individuals and large corporations to protect reputations since our formation in 2012. 

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