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Immediate, solid advice which give the on-air teams at Bauer Radio confidence our broadcasts are legally sound.
John Pickford, Editor, Key 103 FM
Fanastic legal guidance. Got me through a life-changing case with the right result. Top drawer.
Ricky Whittle
He has incredible knowledge of the media landscape and has always delivered.
Steve Hothersall, Editor, Radio City
One of the leading Media Lawyers in the Country. I've worked both with and on the other side of the fence from him and his reputation is richly-deserved.
Steve Kunciewiez, BLM Solicitors
We work with lots of solicitors. Marks flair, charisma and strategy make him stand out.
Peter Farrington, Probe Investigations UK
Universally respected and his name brings with it a sense of trust.
Lime Pictures Ltd
I would have no hesitation in recommending him in the highest terms to any potential client.
Tim Rogers, KKA Architects
Leanne Wheeler and Manleys were highly professional and their understanding of our situation and concerns went above and beyond my expectation. Leanne worked tirelessly to achieve a result.
Nicolette Perry

Whether your rights, content, text, images, audio or visuals are being copied, used without your permission or there is a risk of them being used, we’ll fight for what’s yours. If you have been accused of infringing, we will advise on your best options.

Social media and online publishing are creating new threats to ownership and usage of materials.

As a niche media and litigation practice, we fully recognise the importance of protecting the name, brand, image and creative work of our clients.

This means halting breaches of intellectual property as quickly as possible to minimise financial impact and to protect brands from further damage and exploitation.

We have substantial experience of enforcing our clients’ intellectual property rights and protecting brand names and marks through negotiation, mediation, High Court proceedings and injunctive actions.

We work nationally with businesses as well as musicians, writers and other creative individuals to protect ownership and usage of all forms of intellectual property:

  • Breach of copyright
  • Patents
  • Domain names
  • Design rights
  • Trade marks
  • Passing off
  • Image rights
  • Breach of confidentiality

Whatever the intellectual property dispute, we’re experienced in securing the results our clients need.

Recent Intellectual Property Dispute Experience

  • Peter Hook v Sumner & Others (New Order) [2015) - Trademark licence disputes against former band members of New Order.
  • Megan McKenna - Advising TOWIE star Megan McKenna in licensing dispute with paparazzi over use of image on social media.
  • Money Claims & Me - Advising well-established pensions claims business in wrongful use of IP action against competitor firm and other parties relating to use of proprietary documentation in attempt to sabotage reputation. Defendants admitted wrongful doing with settlement reached in favour of client.
  • The “TOWIE litigation” Brian Belo (1) Massive TV Ltd (2) and Sassy Films Ltd (3) v Lime Pictures Ltd (1) and ITV plc (2) - We defended Lime Pictures Ltd and ITV Plc in the much-publicised claim for breach of copyright and breach of confidence. The claim settled on the first day of trial on confidential terms.
  • KKA Architecture v Peel Holdings (Leisure) and Others [2015] - Representing highly regarded firm of architects in issues relating to copyright and design licensing on two high profile property development projects.
  • Bauer Radio Ltd v Global Radio Ltd [2013] - Acting for the claimant in High Court proceedings over the intellectual property rights in the strapline “Manchester’s No.1 Hit Music Station”. Ongoing advice on copyright of images used by radio stations on their twitter feeds and other publications.
  • Newsco Insider - Advising on various IP matters including plagiarism of articles by rival business websites, resulting in payment of damages and undertakings being obtained.
  • UCAS v O’Connor - Secured appropriate undertakings from the defendant to secure the closure of a website wrongly using the Registered Trade Mark belonging to our client and passing off.
  • Artisan v Sellers - We represented the highly acclaimed and talented woodwork expert defendant (and claimant by counterclaim) in proceedings in the Patents County Court in respect of copyright infringement in a celebrated woodwork DVD and book series.
  • Dior v CSL (now Sofology) - We represented the defendant in a breach of copyright action based on TV commercials.
  • Wroblewski v DePuy - Patent dispute.
  • Several domain name disputes.
  • Content clearance, prepublication/prebroadcasting copyright and image licensing advice to national broadcasters and publishers.

Your questions answered

  • What do I do if I think someone is using my intellectual property?

While each case turns on its own facts, it is usually sensible to approach the other party to ask them to stop infringing your rights as the IP owner. Ensuring your rights are protected must not involve issuing unwarranted threats – which in some circumstances in itself can be actionable. The Intellectual Property (Unjustified Threats) Bill [HL] 2016-17 is now subject only to Royal Assent before coming law.

  • What is copyright?

The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 creates the legal right for the originator to exclusively print, publish, perform, film, or record literary, artistic, or musical material for a fixed period.

  • How do I protect my copyright?

There is no formal process to register a copyright. Artists/writers are advised to make a contemporaneous record of origination and ownership, such as sending a copy to a professional adviser.

  • How long does copyright last?

Copyright generally lasts 70 years from the end of the year that the author/originator died although IP duration very much depends on the rights.

  • Is copyright limited to the UK?

No, copyright is an internationally recognised, automatic right.

  • Litigation sounds expensive – is there an alternative?

If it isn’t possible to settle the matter outside of court, for SMEs and private individuals who may otherwise be deterred by the costs of litigation, the Intellectual Property and Enterprise Court offers a less formal alternative to asserting their rights. It offers the same remedies as the High Court, including damages, injunctions and disclosure but costs are limited so exposure to huge financial risk is controlled.  

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