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Coronavirus Contract Concerns?

You don’t need to have contracted Covid-19 to be suffering from challenges and headaches caused by it. Many of our clients have contacted us with their concerns about their contractual obligations under contracts. For example, brides and grooms in relation to the contracts they have for their suppliers and venues, or clothing manufacturers whose customers no longer want the ordered spring fashions.

Important considerations:

  • What will happen if you are unable to fulfil your contractual obligations?
  • Is Coronavirus the reason for delaying performance of the contractual obligations?
  • Can you cancel your contract?
  • What is a ‘Force Majeure’ clause?
  • Can I cancel without a Force Majeure clause?
  • If there is a Force Majeure clause in my contact, is the contract now suspended?
  • Would it be suspended temporarily or permanently?
  • Who pays for what if the contract is suspended or terminated?
  • Whether an event is included as a Force Majeure event depends on the words used, not the parties’ intentions.
  • Can I mitigate the effect of the Coronavirus?
  • What is ‘frustration’? Can I cancel my contract on the ground of frustration?
  • What if I agree a new date for performance and Coronavirus is still affecting things at future date?
  • Can I have my deposit and / or other advance payments back?
  • What are the other commercial considerations for the future?
  • Do I have insurance to cover my issue?
  • Do I need to notify my insurer?

What we are doing to help clients?

As a result of the stringent measures imposed by the Government and the significant business interruption, we are receiving lots of enquiries asking about contracts and other financial obligations. We are very happy to review your contracts and invite you to upload your contract using this enquiry form.

Please do contact us if you would like to take some advice on your contract by using the below form which allows you to upload your contract.

You will hear from us quickly in response.

We wish you and your families all the best at this time. Stay safe.

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