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Peri Mornington

Peri Mornington

Peri Mornington


Peri has 9 years post-qualification experience and deals with breach of privacy, breach of confidence, defamation and civil harassment matters at Manleys. She also has experience in dealing with sports matters including bringing a petition in the FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber and responding to an appeal in the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

She has acted for a high profile celebrity client in relation to extensive online ‘trolling’ and abuse which constituted breaches of her privacy and civil harassment.

Peri is currently involved in libel litigation for her client against HarperCollins Publishers Ltd and has recently secured a favourable judgment from Mr Justice Pepperall following a trial of preliminary issues on meaning.

Peri has recently appeared at court in the Southern District of New York in relation to the unsealing of court papers in the Guiffre v Maxwell defamation case. https://www.businesscheshire.co.uk/2022/11/29/chester-law-firm-secures-stay-of-us-court-decision/

She has successfully secured numerous ‘take-downs’ of online articles and social media posts which are in breach her clients rights and the law, along with contractual undertakings and apologies.

Having recently been the victim of online harassment I was signposted to Manleys by a friend who works in the legal sector. His exact words were ‘Manleys are the go-to people when dealing with defamation issues’. The service provided by Peri from the get-go has been superb, going above and beyond to ensure that my family and I are supported through what has been a very challenging time. Her expertise in defamation, malicious communications and harassment was invaluable and I would recommend her highly.
Julian Hughes, Pwrpas
I recently had a problem with a business partner. Manleys was recommended to me and I am so relieved they were. From the onset Peri’s professionalism shone through. She is both compassionate and competent. She kept me updated every step of the way and was always available to advise and listen. Thankfully Peri’s negotiation skills and legal knowledge prompted a swift conclusion to the matter in hand. I can’t thank Peri and her team enough for all their hard work and would not hesitate in recommending theirs and Manleys services in future.
Mr Shelton
I came to Manleys in a state of distress on the day I discovered the most personal and appalling trolling/stalking I have experienced in my life so far, in spite of being in the public eye for 40 years. At that point my distress was 11/10! Peri saw my distress. Had I been at home in Bristol I would probably have gone to a different law firm. I’m glad I didn’t. Peri looked after me so well and with professionalism and empathy. Peri took a more gentle approach than other lawyers I’ve been involved with on different issues in the past, and she allowed me to think through things properly on every decision. She listened and advised in a very mature manner which is critical in work like this when someone (me in this case) is so genuinely distressed. Sometimes when a person is in that state your thoughts are based on emotion and not on logic or the best long term outcome. Given this experience, I can honestly say that I’m pleased with the outcome and peace has now come back to my life. So huge thanks to Peri for her kindness and insight. I couldn’t wish her more luck and health and wealth in the world. Go Peri!
Private Client

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