Manleys Staff Conference 2023 in Geneva, Switzerland

Chester media law and litigation specialist Manleys have an annual staff conference where the team jet off to some far flung destination to consider the business, its future, areas to improve and of course to enjoy some of locality as part of team-building.  Previous destinations for the conference have included Marbella, Lisbon, Milan, Palma, Amsterdam and other European delights. This year the team headed off one Thursday afternoon to Geneva, Switzerland, for their annual staff conference.

The first evening saw the start of battle – with Geneva’s version of crazy golf in a bar and Sehar Hussain beat Mark Manley in a play-off – his face was worth the price of the trip! Day one was sightseeing with the Manleys team reaching new heights – the top of Mont Blanc to be precise! Following a lunch halfway up the mountain, baked in sunshine, it was off on a train journey before returning to Chamonix, France and then heading home.  Not without some drama when Emma Howe, paralegal, doing a duty to the team, almost missed the bus! Meanwhile, business doesn’t pause up mountains and Sehar was slaving away on the laptop getting an urgent letter out – Fridays are often busy for media lawyers! Managing Director Mark Manley was busy capturing footage over a river via a drone!  After an excellent meal part of the team took the sensible decision to head back to the hotel whilst others hit a local live music venue.

Saturday morning on these conferences is all about “real” business. The team enjoyed discussions about strategy, personal and business development. 

There is a real focus on development at the firm, with every member of staff in attendance at the conference and all making contributions via presentations, proposals for change in different areas etc…. Manleys exemplifies an ethos in which the team continually strive for excellence and seek to achieve the best possible result for their clients. Whilst the firm is proud of its enviable client base, it does not rest on its laurels. The conference considered ways to add to add to the client roster of members of the Royal family, several PLCs, governments, political parties, NHS Trusts, football clubs, players, agents, and celebrities from entertainment including many household names. One visit to the Manleys website, or its Chester office which hosts its “wall of fame” provides some insight into the calibre of their clientele.

Amongst the hustle and bustle of running a law firm, the firm’s management values the importance of pausing for reflection and recognises how this can promote growth. An annual staff conference provides the Manleys team with the opportunity to collaborate effectively, explore new ideas, in addition to celebrating a fruitful year. In the previous 12 months, the firm has successfully represented clients on matters ranging from shareholder disputes to preventing the publication of defamatory newspaper articles written about celebrities, Rule K arbitrations in football, as well as appearances before the Court of Arbitration for Sport and even in court in New York! Manleys seeks to build upon this success, continue to diligently deliver its high-quality work, and strengthen its national presence.

The business dealt with it was time for a cruise on Lake Geneva. There were tears of laughter when the excitement of a super yacht pulling in was replaced with the sight of the small tourist cruiser that might have fit on the back of the yacht! But the trip was good, plenty of banter and laughter and the good spirits continued into the evening with another fabulous meal at one of Geneva’s finest restaurants followed by the almost customary trip to a Karaoke bar to round off the night.  A few sore heads were clear at breakfast before the flight home on Sunday.  Another very successful, enjoyable and beneficial conference was had.

It was a new experience for Sehar and Emma who joined the firm in the summer. Sehar is a skilled litigator, with extensive experience at a leading London law firm, before a spell at a commercial firm in the north. She supervises Emma (on work not buses!) and is known for providing clear-cut advice in complex matters. The acquisition of this tenacious pair further bolsters the Manleys team’s expertise.  

For any queries in relation to commercial disputes, or for more information on the firm, please contact Manleys or 01244 230 000.